I. Our students are expected to respect our core values, and our statement of faith below which serves as the foundation of our education.

We believe that all Scripture was inspired by God, is inerrant and therefore serves as the highest authority in all questions regarding our faith and life. We see and understand that Christ is in the center of the Word of God as a whole.

We believe in the one, true and eternal God, who exists in three persons: Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

We believe that man is totally depraved because of sin and the only way to salvation is by grace through faith in Christ Jesus who served as the propitiation for our sins.

We believe that the Spirit of God abides in every new born believer and He assures our salvation.

We believe that Jesus will come back once again in the end times to judge and restore everything.

II. One can become a student of our school who has obtained a high school diploma, sent in the application before the deadline, and paid the tuition for the school year.

III. Students are required to attend the lectures, read the assigned articles, take tests (both in class and at home), and write papers before deadlines.

IV. Students must pay the tuition before the start of the school year (July 31) in one amount (except those who are paying in installments). (A student who is not able to start the coursework due to any reasons can request a full refund by the 20th of August. A student who is not able to start or continue his/her coursework between August 20 and September 30, can request a refund of 50% of the tuition. A student who decides to cancel his/her coursework after September 30, won’t be able to get a refund.)

V. Those in need may be eligible to receive financial aid when applying (once they meet the criteria for financial aid). Those students who receive financial aid and miss more than 16 lectures during the school year won’t be eligible for financial aid the following year.

VI. Our training is built upon personal participation. (Therefore we don’t allow audio recording.) A student is permitted to finish the school year who has faithfully attended the lectures (maximum missed: 8 lectures/year, but missing more than 4 lectures per day is not allowed), completed the ministry practicum and all tests/papers – with a minimum grade of 60% (when having failed a test students are able to retake the test a maximum of three times). Missed lectures can be re-attended in the following school year, but only in regard of the given year’s allowance for missing lectures.

VII. Those who are interested in our school may visit our lectures maximum two times/year. (fee: 600 HUF/hour), Visitors need to sign in beforehand. Visitor information will be sent to those interested.

VIII. Our school is non-denominational, therefore it is open to students from all denominations. Our students are expected to respect each others beliefs.

IX. Those whose behavior is opposing to the norms of Christian ethics, who breaks our regulations, who disturbs the classes or other students, who abuses and disrespects his/her fellow students, will be asked to leave (even during school year).

X. Our Academy is not accredited by the Hungarian state, therefore our students won’t be eligible for any student rights and benefits in Hungary. The diploma issued by our school is not recognized by the state either.