School-year training from September to June: the second Saturday of the month

Required practical training: chosen from several pre-set dates

Discussion group: during the weeks following the training

Mentoring groups: in the evenings during the week or on weekends, date to be agreed upon by participants

Sonship Conference in August

Lecture Days in 2015/2016

12th September 2015

10th October 2015

7th November 2015 (not the 2nd Saturday!)

12th December 2015

9th January 2015

13th February 2016

12th March 2016

9th April 2016

14th May 2016

11th June 2016


Daily Schedule on Saturdays

9.00-10.00 morning prayer, devotional and 1st lecture

10.15-11.00 2nd lecture

11.15-12.00 3rd lecture

12.15-13.00 4th lecture

13.00-14.30 – lunch break

14.30-15.15 5th lecture

15.30-16.15 6th lecture

16.30-17.15 7th lecture

17.30-18.30. 8th lecture and closing prayer